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The Best Pest Control Companies in Penrith Rated by Experts

If you’re having problems at your property with any variety of pest, ranging from rats to roaches, there’s not a lot you can do with household insect and rodent poison. Better yet, there are safer treatments that won’t harm your kids and pets, and work even better than what you can buy in a store. It’s recommended to enlist the services of a professional pest control company when you’re dealing with an infestation of any type, and thankfully, there are a lot of different companies to choose from; that said, the fact that there are so many companies in the local area to choose from can make it hard to settle on one company over the other. A good way to tell a good company is to look at the reviews online and see what customers are saying about them.

We decided to do a comprehensive review of all of the companies in the local area, and we’re pleased to present the results of the test to our readers. Pest Control Penrith went above and beyond with their rat control solution at one of our business properties. They completely eliminated the problem with one visit, and the rats haven’t been back since! We were so impressed with how everything turned out that we decided to write a review.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in the neighbourhood looking for professional service for a great price, this company delivers excellent solutions for rates that are much lower than the competition. We can easily recommend them to anyone looking for professional solutions for fair rates. Their treatments are safe for kids and pets, which makes them an appealing choice for families. With superfast turnaround times, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer.

They have an average review rating of 4.65 stars on Yelp and Truelocal, which makes them the most appealing choice in the area for customers of both the commercial and residential type. We recommend doing your own research to verify our results. Call around to different companies in the local area and see what they’re currently charging. We were highly impressed both with the price and the turnaround time, and we’d recommend them to anyone looking for a great deal for less.

Get in touch with them over the phone and request your free quote, and they’ll send someone out to your location to get the job done as soon as possible. They really go above and beyond to deliver the area’s best pest control solutions, and we couldn’t recommend them anymore than we already have.

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Why do we hire pest control firms? Can we not do it ourselves? What difference do they make?

Surprisingly quite a few people asked these questions especially those who are not that aware that these folks exist. Some people might think solving pest issues is simple. You simply buy a pesticide and use it yourself. However, it won’t solve your burden.  There are a lot of benefits we could get from getting a professional pest control company and the outcome is waaaayyy better. Here are the reasons why it is best to choose and hire a pest control company to do it for yourself:

  1. They keep your home safe: Pests are pests. They nibble and chomp. A typical person doesn’t have any idea on how to strictly handle these cases. Only professional pest control companies know how to prevent these situations.
  2. Save Money: Pests keep on coming back and continue to damage what’s left. You keep on buying pesticides but later realized those things don’t work. So, it is better to turn to pest control services right away to solve the problem.
  3. Piece of mind: Now you do not have to worry about anything going wrong since the experts are there to help you fix your pests issues.  
  4. Avoid more damage:  Save what’s left while you still can. A DIY pesticides are not assured to solve your pest issues. So, while you still have time, it is better to hire the experts.
  5. Identify the source:  Experts can easily identify where the problem(s) started and with that be able to stop your problem from the root. The DIY methods are often hard to set up and are temporary whilst professional solutions last permanently.
  6. Effective Solutions: Pest Control firms are given up to date information and products that could treat your dilemma quickly.
  7. Warranties: If ever your dilemma is not addressed in a single consultation, some firms are willing to come back and check free of charge.
  8. More Knowledge : Aside from fixing your pest issues, they can also give you tips on how to prevent having these cases occur again. They can also tell you the correct proccedures you use to avoid these annoying visitors . Moreover, they are the ones who can best address your questions.

We spoke to a company that works in Castle Hill pest removal and they said ” Hiring a professional pest guy is an absolute necessity often DIY methods are dangerous and can cause harm to your family while not being effective. ”

These are few of the considerations you might want to take before trying to solve your pest issues. The experts have the right equipment to do their job and they are also well trained. In addition, they are also familiar with the different species of these pests so t

Pest Control History

What is pest control?

Pest Control is a way of managing creatures like insects as “pests”. We see pests as a danger to our health and to our surroundings. We call people whom we called “exterminators” when we need to resolve issues with pests.

However, all things come from the beginnings. Let us try to trace down how pest control started. The history of pest control started mainly from agriculture as crops need to be maintained and to be kept away from insects. Parts of Britain use firearms for pest control especially for squirrels, rabbits, rats and those other tiny pests.

People now adays own business’s that specialize in dealing with common house hold pests. They are called Pest Removal services. Each business uses unique equipment and techniques to easily deal with ants, rats, termites, you name it they can deal with it. 


4,500 years ago, sulfur is being used as an insecticide by the Sumerian people. Poisonous plants have been considered as a solution too. It was when the time of 18th and 19th century, the beginning of insecticides such as derris and pyrethrum became pervasive.

We know that China also is famous for the large production of goods nowadays especially in technology. China would never be left behind. In pest control also, they were able to use botanical insecticides for seed treatments in 12000 BC.

Also in 950 BC, burning is one of the ways to kill and manage pests. Oil spray is also considered for pest control in 200 BC. Not only China uses botanical insecticides for seed treatments but they also make use of predatory mites for protecting their orchard. In AD 400, Farmers use arsenic to the roots of rice to control insect infestations.

Before, having documentation and record was not being practiced. In the 1800s, people realized why is there a need to record everything that they need to take not. It started the practice of having books and papers for their documents in pest control. Later in 1880 where the first commercial spray is made and announced.

With those times mentioned above, people are protecting the things important to them why they do and create things that will control pests. However, in 1892, Canada creates a law that using chemicals to spray trees harmful to bees are illegal. Also in 1901, Hawaiians made a record for successful biological weed control.

Later in 1959, K.S. Hagen, R.F. Smith and other scientists introduced the concept of the term “integrated pest management”. The National Environment Policy Act was submitted by the US in 1969 also. With all the developments of Pest Control, in the 1980s, countries experienced a great success in IPM techniques.

Why turn down a Pest Control Agreement?

In every business where two parties are involved, the agreement or contract will never be missing. It should come along as both parties come to terms. The agreement states everything that should happen in the process. It is the written reflection of what is actually going to happen. However, some agreements are being closed down. Want to know the reasons why?  We asked about some of the main reasons as to Pest Control agreements gets declined.

  1. Something is fraudulent – If you notice something is not true and if the other party is just including that portion to fool you so that you will accept the offer, then you can turn down the agreement as they are not telling the truth and agreements are supposed to be reliable and valid.
  2. It abides the National Laws – Even though an agreement can state its own rules and other guidelines, both parties should need to abide by the national laws and it should also be strictly implemented in the agreement.
  3. If both parties wanted to come up and implement a new and revised agreement – If there will be necessary changes that would force the current agreement to be disregarded, it will be possible as long as BOTH parties agree to abolish the current one and replace a revised agreement.
  4. Responsibilities are not being fulfilled – What would be the purpose of the agreement if both parties won’t comply their responsibilities? Might as well turn it down right? The pest control firms must and should be the ones that would strictly follow the agreement as they are the service providers. However, the clients will also need to perform its part as the process will never be successful without their contribution.
  5. Payment is not clear – Payment is very important so before the infestation starts, it should be clear and properly agreed upon.
  6. Damage Incur in the Process – If for example, the exterminators did make a slight damage on the client’s property upon doing the operation, the action should be clearly reflected in the agreement.
  7. Money Back Guarantee – Not all companies offer Money Back Guarantee but if they do, the agreement should ensure that the client is qualified for Money Back Guarantee if ever something happens in the long run.

These are just a few reasons why you should need to turn down an agreement. However, there are a lot of broad reasons depending on the situation. It is just a matter of how can both parties assess the problem and address the issue.

Common Pest Control Equipments

In conducting Pest Control, it would not be successful without the use of equipment and tools. These are things that help the company accomplish their jobs on pest inspection and pest services. Let us try to have a quick overview of the common tools that the pest control firms are using


  1. Bait Applicator Gun – This is used best for roaches, ants, carpenter ants. This is used to apply gel treatments to the pests being mentioned previously. This will also help the experts speed up the process.
  2. Duster – From the word itself, “dust”. This tool is for applying pesticide and insecticide through the dust. Dust is used to treating fleas, cracks, bedbugs and other insects. Dust treatments last much longer than other options, roughly 8 months.
  3. Sprayer – Not only in beauty parlors or  other industries sprayers area very useful. It is  used in pest control to spread insecticide and pesticides. Through the sprayer, the exterminaters can apply chemicals in large areas effectively.
  4. Flow Meter – This is a controller system that helps the experts see the status of termites. This tool allows the worker to tell whether they are able to eliminate termites or not. Controlling termite is no easy task and applying termite chemicals needs to be done strictly as it could result in health issues of people involved.
  5. Inspector Mirror – This is very helpful for exterminaters, especially if there are other areas where they can hardly reach and access. The inspector mirror will help them make the situation lighter and easier.
  6. Bee Suite Hooded – This outfit is being used for terminators especially if they are dealing with bees. Bee Suite Hooded will cost the firm $70 but this is also super useful for pest operations. It is elastic and lightweight.
  7. Work Gloves – Gloves are an important part of pest control. Exterminaters use them excessively. Work gloves are used for protection and its price would range from $10 – $25 depending on the brand and the make.
  8. Moisture Meter – Experts use this tool in detecting target hideout for pests. This tool can help the experts locate to where the insects are hiding. The experts can also find out what should be the best technique they should use in their respective operations through this meter.

We spoke to Pest Control Service Liverpool and they said “Look there are hundreds of different equipment we use which varies from each job we do. Also the constant research into pest control creates new technologies and strategies for us to use.”

These are just the common and useful tools I noticed and see in the actual inspection of the experts. Imagine how difficult would it be without these.

What You Need to Know About Ants

We can see them crawling on the floor, on the roof, on our tables and in every part of our homes. They are tiny creatures and some  people just disregard them since they don’t think they can harm us. They are indeed small but there are a lot of things that we do not know about them. Let us widen our knowledge about this insect.

Let us check out these interesting facts below!

  1. Ants have been alive as long as dinosaurs – This is Amazing! Just think about it  ants have been alive since the prehistoric age. That’s quite i feat.
  2. Ants are EVERYWHERE – You can see them in our residence, or at the beach, in offices, in dirty places, in rural areas, even in urban ones. We can even see them inside our cars and in every nook and cranny.
  3. One species of ant Conquered the world-  One single species of ant is present in about 6 different continents. That right there is true world domination. It would be insane to imagine the sheer numbers of them
  4. The total population of people on Earth is nothing compared to ants – Wow! Considering their size we can definitely see how this is possible but the sheer number of them would surprise you.  Sometimes people experience an ant invasion of their house and there is just way to many of them! In times like these we recommend you order a Professional Pest inspection on your house.
  5. Ants can be of varying sizing –  Ants can come in several different shapes and sizes. Often being small but sometimes some ants prove to be quite large in comparison.
  6. They have a hive mentality – When you see one ant it is usually not very far from its nest. The ants have this hive mentality which helps them to work together and create their own utopia.
  7. They have super strength! – They can even carry 10 to 50 times of their own weight.If you look carefully at an ant they can be seen carry bits of food which is often quite large in comparison to the ant.
  8. Ants can swim – Ants actually have the ability to pass through body’s of water. This makes it alot easier for them to get into places and locate food as they are can search almost everywhere

Interesting right? Ants are amazing creatures when you look at how small they are, and how they compensate for that with a hive mentality and numbers.

The importance of pest control in food industry

Pest Control is not just important in residential setup. It should also be strictly abided in food industries for it is a great factor in delivering healthy goods and products to your consumers. How can consumers rely and trust on your service if you do not reach nor comply the requirements for cleanliness? How can you run a business if such things aren’t taken seriously? In everywhere we go, cleanliness is always observed and pest control would come along.

Ways food gets contaminated

Food can easily be contaminated and it could be a source of bacteria that the consumers would get. If that would happen, not only your business would greatly be affected but also the consumers. That is why businesses should ensure that:

  1. Their environment is clean – Dirty surroundings will only invite pests and insects so let us make sure that everything is all set accordingly.
  1. They serve fresh and clean goods – Restaurants and diners should make sure that their food is freshly cooked and it is not stocked for days. Stocked foods can invite bacteria so they should make sure that it is new and is not kept for days.
  1. Their utensils and materials are clean and sterilized – There are other restaurants where they forgot to clean and wash the utensils properly due to a high volume of works to do and lots of customers coming in. Despite having these circumstances, they should make sure that even though they invite a lot of customers still they can deliver quality and clean service.

My pest control experience 

I remember there is a news about a famous coffee shop having a customer served a coffee with a cockroach in it. At first, the customer wasn’t able to notice the pest’s presence since her coffee container’s still full. The moment she drank some, she notices something is not normal with the taste and there is really something inside the container. When she spilled the coffee, there she found out. She went back to the store and complained but the store took their hands off. We spoke to who said it is probably a marketing strategy to put them off. So the customer went to the hospital and got a certificate about what happened and there it was seen that she got contaminated by the bacteria seen in the container. The authorities made some investigations but up until now, there is no news about what really happened whether it is true or not.

Just a reminder for all businesses, if you put up your own, make sure you complied with the needed requirements so as when problems arise, you don’t have to tag those issues as “just strategies.”

Let’s spice up your end of year events with a Photobooth.

Are you looking for entertainment for your next event? I was very surprised how inexpensive it was to hire a photo booth for our party. I looked at other forms of entertainment to book. Hiring a band would have ended up being very expensive, and I talked to a lot of agencies in the local area. Photo booths cost a lot less than almost every other type of entertainment I looked into, so I decided to go for it. It was received well with my guests, and they said they really enjoyed taking photos together. The booths were fully upgraded with Bluetooth for instant download of photos to phones, and the booths also had a print-out feature so you could get the photos instantly printed out on high-quality glossy photo paper. I think you can also instantly upload them to your Instagram or Facebook, which is a nice feature.

Suffice it to say, everything went very smooth. I called other photo booth companies in the area and this one was by far the least expensive out of all of them. They were using the same photo booth units as some of the companies that charged nearly two times as much. If you’re looking for a form of entertainment that is appropriate for all ages and can fit a wide variety of different parties, photo booths are hard to beat.

Get in touch with them and they’ll give you a free quote so you can see how much money you’ll be spending to hire one of their services. They have a variety of different fully customisable packages, which allows you to adapt their photo booths to your event’s colour scheme or theme. They come with nice, high-quality costumes and props to make each group photo that much more fun. Call them today and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Sydney Photoboothing – Photo booth rentals and Hires