Common Pest Control Equipments

In conducting Pest Control, it would not be successful without the use of equipment and tools. These are things that help the company accomplish their jobs on pest inspection and pest services. Let us try to have a quick overview of the common tools that the pest control firms are using


  1. Bait Applicator Gun – This is used best for roaches, ants, carpenter ants. This is used to apply gel treatments to the pests being mentioned previously. This will also help the experts speed up the process.
  2. Duster – From the word itself, “dust”. This tool is for applying pesticide and insecticide through the dust. Dust is used to treating fleas, cracks, bedbugs and other insects. Dust treatments last much longer than other options, roughly 8 months.
  3. Sprayer – Not only in beauty parlors or  other industries sprayers area very useful. It is  used in pest control to spread insecticide and pesticides. Through the sprayer, the exterminaters can apply chemicals in large areas effectively.
  4. Flow Meter – This is a controller system that helps the experts see the status of termites. This tool allows the worker to tell whether they are able to eliminate termites or not. Controlling termite is no easy task and applying termite chemicals needs to be done strictly as it could result in health issues of people involved.
  5. Inspector Mirror – This is very helpful for exterminaters, especially if there are other areas where they can hardly reach and access. The inspector mirror will help them make the situation lighter and easier.
  6. Bee Suite Hooded – This outfit is being used for terminators especially if they are dealing with bees. Bee Suite Hooded will cost the firm $70 but this is also super useful for pest operations. It is elastic and lightweight.
  7. Work Gloves – Gloves are an important part of pest control. Exterminaters use them excessively. Work gloves are used for protection and its price would range from $10 – $25 depending on the brand and the make.
  8. Moisture Meter – Experts use this tool in detecting target hideout for pests. This tool can help the experts locate to where the insects are hiding. The experts can also find out what should be the best technique they should use in their respective operations through this meter.

We spoke to Pest Control Service Liverpool and they said “Look there are hundreds of different equipment we use which varies from each job we do. Also the constant research into pest control creates new technologies and strategies for us to use.”

These are just the common and useful tools I noticed and see in the actual inspection of the experts. Imagine how difficult would it be without these.