What You Need to Know About Ants

We can see them crawling on the floor, on the roof, on our tables and in every part of our homes. They are tiny creatures and some  people just disregard them since they don’t think they can harm us. They are indeed small but there are a lot of things that we do not know about them. Let us widen our knowledge about this insect.

Let us check out these interesting facts below!

  1. Ants have been alive as long as dinosaurs – This is Amazing! Just think about it  ants have been alive since the prehistoric age. That’s quite i feat.
  2. Ants are EVERYWHERE – You can see them in our residence, or at the beach, in offices, in dirty places, in rural areas, even in urban ones. We can even see them inside our cars and in every nook and cranny.
  3. One species of ant Conquered the world-  One single species of ant is present in about 6 different continents. That right there is true world domination. It would be insane to imagine the sheer numbers of them
  4. The total population of people on Earth is nothing compared to ants – Wow! Considering their size we can definitely see how this is possible but the sheer number of them would surprise you.  Sometimes people experience an ant invasion of their house and there is just way to many of them! In times like these we recommend you order a Professional Pest inspection on your house.
  5. Ants can be of varying sizing –  Ants can come in several different shapes and sizes. Often being small but sometimes some ants prove to be quite large in comparison.
  6. They have a hive mentality – When you see one ant it is usually not very far from its nest. The ants have this hive mentality which helps them to work together and create their own utopia.
  7. They have super strength! – They can even carry 10 to 50 times of their own weight.If you look carefully at an ant they can be seen carry bits of food which is often quite large in comparison to the ant.
  8. Ants can swim – Ants actually have the ability to pass through body’s of water. This makes it alot easier for them to get into places and locate food as they are can search almost everywhere

Interesting right? Ants are amazing creatures when you look at how small they are, and how they compensate for that with a hive mentality and numbers.